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    What’s In Store?

    Tewantin Market Garden is 90% Fruit and Vegetables but we also support local producers and artisans that compliment our food philosophy and are accessible to the community. Good, Clean & Fair. What will you find in store? Best Produce Lemons…

  • Image is of two women in grey aprons standing at the front of a fruit and vegetable store. One has brown hair in a ponytail and is wearing glasses, this is Ashleigh. The other woman is Monica, Ashliegh's mum and co-owner. Monica is a little shorter than Ashleigh and has blonde short hair and is wearing glasses.
    In Store

    The Tewantin Market Garden Team

    Driven by a community effort of fresh, local produce, the Tewantin Market Garden team can help you with any product questions, best storage practices, in season information, and (if you ask nicely) some great recipe ideas! Contact us and speak…